Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Hello my beautiful friend

You are staying in your comfy sofa and a lot of thoughts don`t let you alone. You want to stand up and start doing something but you just can`t move. Your head is full of questions which seems to remain unanswered and these thoughts just don`t want to disappear.  You wish that others can see you too, you wish that others will speak to you, you want others to care for you too but all you get is mean words and ugly stares. And in your head are a lot of why`s: Why they act this way? Why they don`t see me? Why can I be one of them? and why, why, why. And you want to cry but you can`t because this will only get you more unwanted words and they will say that you are weak. And their stares are so cruel and inside you know that you can be better but you just can`t do nothing because you just can`t move. You just want to stay in that comfy sofa and stop everything because all of this is to much. To much hate, to much ugliness, just to much. Only if someone will care but it seems that everyone is too busy to live their own life and you, you are all by yourself but you aren`t strong enough to do something. You just can`t!
Today, I want to change something for you. I know that I don`t have the power to actually make you see the world in different colors but I know that I have the power to be near you. I have all the means to help you because I can love, I can care and I can listen. And today, my dear I want to tell you that YOU are THE MOST WONDERFUL AND POWERFUL PERSON. No matter what others think, no matter what others say, nothing matters because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. So, I am begging you to stand up from that comfy sofa and make a change in your life. Because YOU are the one who can chose if YOU let others bring you down or you don`t. 
At the beggining will be hard because it will be you against them but don`t stept back, keep fighting and keep going but don`t forget that the battles need to be won with your brain and not your fists or your sharp words. And if you need someone who will be there and will support you, then add this mail in your list: withoutwordsabout@gmail.com  and also keep this blog in your favourites list. I will try to be your friend as long as you`ll let me.
Don`t forget that you are beautiful and loved!

With all my love and support, Allee

Friday, September 13, 2013

Me& Myself

Hello my beautiful one!

It has been a long time since I`ve been writing something. I almost feel guilty about it. But I think I didn`t feel like writing because I was such in a bad mood. My life isn`t the prettiest one and some problems made me to close myself to the world, like being all alone in my room with some books and my laptop. I didn`t think I could encourage you with something so, I decide only to read and not write.
Well, I miss speaking with someone. So, now I`m back in the business. Kidding. Today I want to write about  me. Maybe this sound selfish but I want to let you know me a little. As I was saying in my first post I am a girl. Allessandra . Almost 20 years old. Soon I`ll start the university. I`ll be majoring in European politics. And in a few days I`ll start living on my own. I`m so excited about this because I am feeling that is time for me to become an independent woman. I love my mom. She is my best friend and all the best advices I ever had were from her. I have three siblings and I adore them. These days I was speaking with my brother and I was realizing that he grew up. A lot. This is my family. Maybe you are thinking now why I don`t speak about my father too, well this is a story for another time.
I live my life with this quote in mind: always see the trials as a blessing cause this way I can be grateful to God for everything and also I can see the way He changes me.
In the end I want to share it you some quotes on my own from my own heart. Hope will help you as it helped me when I wrote them.

“The most wonderful smile is the one which put a sparkle in a teary eye!”
“It so nice to see that from nowhere comes hope and it helps you to keep going no matter what!”
All the problems will decrease if you`ll treat them with a smile!”

“Being in love is something which change everything, not only you. When you love is like world reward you with all its wonders.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Trip and..

Hello my beautiful one!

I guess this is mostly a post for me. I was on a trip these days and I discovered two girls  in such a new way.  I was traveling for 12 hours or so with these two. I am really grateful for what they are and I`m thankful to God because I met them and also because,  maybe…only maybe I`ve helped  them with my advices.
 For 2 years I was their teacher at Sunday school and I`ve tried to make all the kids in my class to see some important things. If I succeeded I really don`t know.
As I was saying, these girls are really sweet and caring and they decide to follow the path God made for them. From the first moment I said yes to this trip I was feeling that I am sort of responsible for the way I act between them and for the way I am talking and everything, because teenagers are really easy to impress. I tried to be as close to them as I could but in the last days I decided that some things need to be said .  I maybe I said things to them too harshly, I'm not sure.
I think some of you are asking yourselves “why I read this?”. Please, bear with me until the end and I`ll try to be as clear as I can.  I said in one of my previous posts that I really am fond of people and really like to help them, but sometimes I am in a dilemma or something,  because sometimes I have to say some things which aren`t so…easy to say and some people can get them wrong and they can be affected by them.
I try every single time to say everything as  pleasabelt as it can be said but some stuff can be said only in a certain way. I guess my point is…in my attempts to help people sometimes I hurt them. And before they are hurt by what I say,  I am hurt too cause I really don`t want to upset anyone.
My question to all of you is ; Should I try not to hurt them,  but then make them suffer more in the future?  Or maybe upset them a little now and help them for the future? I hope some of you will send me a comment with your opinions.

With all my love, Allee