Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas spirit

Hello my beautiful one,

How are you today? What do you wanna do for Christmas? And what do you wanna change in the New Year which is around the corner?
I hope a few of you will respond at these questions and also as soon as possible (hopefuly until my finals start) I will make a special post with my answers at them.
What I wanna talk about you today? Well, as Christmas is in a week from now on I think it`s time to have a little bit of a different spirit. Don`t you think? For the last two Christmases were a little bit blurry cause my mood was so down and I couldn`t feel happy for anything. Yeah, maybe for some of you this is seem a little bit unexpected because now I am a happy person but not all the times were like this. 
But enough about sad stories. Let`s see how amazing Christmas can be. First of all, I love listening carols. They are wonderful and also make me more happy. I should listen them all year, but if I do so, I`ll not have time for other songs too. But what makes Christmas so special is the fact that we celebrate the love coming in our life throw God`s son. I mean, this is the only reason we have Christmas at all, because He was born.
As I am always saying, Jesus is God way to show us how much He loves us. So, dear, in these Christmas days keep this in mind. You have a whole month full of the best proof ever that you are loved, the Christmas celebration. 
I hope this will make you more happy and more pleased with who are you. Because you are beautiful and this season you should have more faith in you and enjoy all the blessing you have. I know that this post may sound so religious and some of you won`t like it, but His love is a part of who I am and I wanna spread His love as best as I can. Because in the end this is what matters: the love.

With all my love, Allee

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Hello my beautiful one,

How are you today? I know that I said that I will try to post every day but sometimes I feel like I am writing only things without any purpose and in the end I decide to keep them only for me.
Let` s start with a question. Did someone tell you today how beautiful you are? If not keep reading cause you will find out soon enough a lot of cute things about yourself which will make you feel as beautiful as you are.

1. You are beautiful because you are made by the most beautiful one whom is God. And He is always making beautiful things so you are a precious creation with a precious reason to be in this world. 
2. You are beautiful because you know how to love and how to be loved. As I see things, love is one of the most beautiful feelings ever and everyone who is capable of love is beautiful. And everyone is capable of love.
3. You are beautiful because you know to appreciate beauty, and if you can see beauty definetely you are one and I think you should check that mirror and see that what I am tellling you is true, but most important check your heart and you`ll see how much she agrees with me.
4. You are beautiful because you are unique in this world and this its one of the things which make you beautiful. 
5. You are beautiful because your inner self is beautiful made, and you know how to be and how to act and we can go on with these.
 And these are a few reasons why you are beautiful. These list can go on and on and on but because I don`t what to bore you. But I really beg you to let all your walls down and see u as beautiful as u are. As I wrote HERE you don`t have to fit into some standards or in some measurements you just have to be pleased with you and you`ll be happy. Until next time, keep this in mind.

With love, Alee

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Let your heart to heal

Hello my beautiful friend,

Listen this and read :-)

How are you today? As I was saying to some of you I will try to write as much as I can without becoming a boring one. 
I want to speak a little about relationships. I am sure that everyone of you (or at least the majority) had a boyfriend/girlfriend and also a broken heart. Well, today I want to share with you some broken heart thoughts or I don`t know some thoughts of mine.
In a previous post I wrote about what love is for me ( you can read it here Love ) and I know how wonderful is to love. But what we do when our heart is full of tears? When someone hurt us or repay our love with hate? 
This post won`t be about how you can heal your heart because trust me you just can`t. The only thing you can do is to wait. As the title say: let your heart to heal. Give it time to become a glad one again because otherwise you will cary with you a burden of pain and you`ll be unhappy. 
I am sure some of you will say: what you know about this? but trust me I am not speaking without being there myself. It`s true that I wasn`t hurt by my boyfriend cause I never had one but a lot of friends made my heart shutter and also one of my important person made some awful things which hurt a lot.
But let us be back on our subject. After you heart is shuttered in million of pieces it seems that the whole world is painted in black colors and nothing is the same, because a happy heart make us see the world diferently. It is interesting how our vision can change from good to bad in some seconds but we need a lot of time to recreate a happy one.
So, my dear! I know that you are in pain, I know what your heart is crying and is seeking for someone or something to glue the pieces back and you are feeling like all the humankind is against you. I was there too. Let all the tears to flow, after awhile they will stop. Let all your sobs to meet the world cause otherwise you`ll become ill. Suffer my dear one, is not bad to suffer and to show weakness because we all have our strong and our weak spots. And after all this are gone look around you.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

So sorry..

Hello my beautiful one!

It has been ages since I wrote something. Have no idea why I did it but I am feeling guilty about it. 

These days I saw some motivational movies
(you guys should watch them too: Unconditional and This is our time ) and I started asking myself where all my good intentions, all my love and all my friendship disappear? I am so ashamed of me because I let some other random things to put down my work and I let you down. I guess this is the true. I did the thing I like least, I let the people I love down. I am so sorry guys.  I hope you will stay with me from now on and TOGHETER we will change a little bit of the world.
So, tell me how all of you are? How life is going on? For me, since octomber it has been a lot of changing. First, I left from home and went to University. 
This was a huge step for me guys because I had to make a new way to live without my mother`s care. But now, after some mistakes and some criyng nights and so on I think I manage to have a good time here. If you want to know more about my Uni time and how I do things let me know. 

I guess this is for now, but I promise I will be back soon with a new story about how beautiful everyone is. 

With all my love, Allee