Wednesday, January 14, 2015

That time

Hello beautiful,

All the rights to the owner. Amazing quote, by the way

   I`m not the perfect one with a perfect life. I am so far from it. I didn`t discover the recipe for throwing away my worries, I still have them. I still cry, yell, get angry, thinking that my life is a mess, I still have issues of my own and I still live. And I love my life. I love all the little imperfections which are making me whole.
   Because I wouldn`t appreciate my smile as much as I do if I have never been sad, my smile won`t look so bright and won`t make me so beautiful if I am not aware of all the tears hiding in the back, my love won`t be so bright if I didn`t know what being disappointed and heartbreaking look like.
   We couldn`t see the wonders in this world if we didn`t meet the bottom of the valley because at the roots of dispair the world have all its brightest colours. We just need to open our eyes and see. See how amazing the sunshine is and how its warmth is making us enjoy ourselves, see how many beautiful souls lay around us waiting to be discovered, see how much love we can give back to others who need a single word of wisdom.
    We can share so much and we choose no to. We can change the world with a single smile but we choose to keep it for ourselves. We are egocentrics without even thinking and we are alone because we aren`t letting people in our lives anymore. I was disappointed, you were too but the world doesn`t have 10 or 100 of people, they are a bunch of billions there and more and not all of them are as bad as you think so why do you choose to close your heart and let all the negativity to make you a bitter and sad one? Maybe you should stop a little and think about what exactly are you and what you want in your life and also you should change whatever doesn`t suit you the way you want and also don`t be afraid to follow your dreams. You can do it because He made you a beautiful, smart and wonderful person, you just have to discover all the amazing qualities He put in you. Because you are His masterpiece.

Love, Alliee
P.S Check this song out Be Grateful, Spread the Happiness

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Letter to you

Hello my dear one, 

  How are you? How are you doing? Where do you live? How old are you? And you can keep answer to all the how`s you`ll feel comfortable doing so. 

  Today, I want to tell you a story. My story starts with once upon a time like every other story does. Once upon a dream I discovered that I am able to write and that I could speak about different topics without feeling too shy or everything. And I`m so grateful to God because He made me so. Because He let all His blessing for me in the form of my eyes, my ears, my language, and the great of them all is my mind. For years I wrote different stories but I never felt like they are good enough because as a friend of mine said: all of us  can write but few have the gift to make emotions and to transfer them into words. A few posts ago I told you that I feel like i should write. And not just on this blog which became through years a place for people to feel encouraged and loved, or at least I hope it is but like actually writing. So, I guess right now this is one of my dreams and this is what I feel like I shall do until the end of 2015. Why am I telling you this story? Maybe because I feel like i will do more if I know that some of you read my dream and I will not let it in the corner of my mind forever.
   But I also want to know what are your dreams for 2015? What do you think you can do for yourself and after that for the others?If you don`t want to write them here, you can write them on a piece of paper or whatever you feel like, but make sure you are actually pursuing them `cause 2015 may be the year for you.    In 2015 you can discover yourself, you can laugh more, you can love more, you can travel more, you can do so many things. Just have the courage to do them. And start with small things which don`t need money or other resources but only need courage and faith. This year set yourself some goals which can be achieved and make them true and like you did last year, or the year before. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who sets resolutions and never actually cross something off. So this month think more about how you can make an wonderful 2015. And I`m pretty sure you`ll succeed.
With love, Alliee
P.S Don`t forget how beautiful you are!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dear you,

Hello my dear one,

     And also welcome 2015. This year is feeling different for me. No idea why. Hopefully in december when I`ll look back I`ll be thankful to God for all the wonders He did in my life. I have faith that He is doing that and that His plan for me is the best plan. And I really want to follow His lead because His lead means happiness. 
    This time I have a request for you (hopefully this won`t be a harsh one) but my dear one, PLEASE STOP COMPARING YOU WITH OTHERS. Trust me, it will only bring you lots of unhappy thoughts and you`ll be the most ungrateful person ever. It is true that a little competition doesn`t do anything but good, but compete with yourself. Make yourself better and things will be different. When you keep looking to left and right and think that she is more beatiful, he is smarter or whatever you see in others and don`t see in you, all the good mood will flow away and you`ll be left with a lots of nerves and you`ll do nothing to change that. Or no matter how much you`ll try they will still be more beautiful or smarter because you`ll never appreciate you more. You`ll invest more in making you something that in our true heart you are not and in the end you will throw your happiness on the window. Start this year by starting to know you, by seeing the beauty in you, by learning to appreciate you, by investing in your thoughts, by enjoying the life you have and you`ll be a step closer to your dreams. Stop thinking about others and start thinking about you. Yeah, this may sound the selfish advice I can give, but i am sure you will get it right. I don`t say: do things only for you, just don`t set your standards after others. It may envolve a little bit of self appreciation and some more time to truly understand who you are but I have faith you can do it and also that you`ll ask God to help you. Because He made you different, He put in you all the beautiful ingredients and trust me, my dear you turned out amazing.      So why are you looking to others and how are they doing things when you can look in to your heart and think about how can you be a better version of yourself and not a better version of he or she? 
   Don`t forget that you are loved and no one can steal His love from you! Take care and remember how beautiful you are!

Love, Alliee